Health & Fitness Tips with Michelle Biro

1) My favorite healthy snack is a quick, filling & nutritious smoothie! I always have frozen bananas on hand for the base, then other frozen fruit such as blueberries or mango and I add in spinach for extra greens. My trick is to add a bit of frozen cauliflower, too! It makes it nice and thick so that I can eat the smoothie like a bowl of ice cream instead of drinking it. I add a scoop of protein as well, right now I’m loving Vega as it has extra greens in it. Then I just add in enough almond milk to blend and top with slivered almonds or homemade granola. 

2) Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I cannot skip it, no matter what. Right now my go-to since becoming a Mom is a hearty bowl of rolled oats. It only takes a few minutes to make and is so filling and helpful with keeping my milk supply up. I add tons of cinnamon, hemp seeds, blueberries and a small handful of nuts for some healthy fats and protein. 

3) My post workout meal is normally my breakfast or lunch! I try to make sure I get in some healthy carbs and protein right away after I workout. 

4) Stretch, stretch, stretch! I’ll be the first to admit that I do not stretch enough, but after a intense workout I make sure to take care of my body with a deep stretch and refuel with tons of water and good nutrition. I also find it helpful to get out for a walk to stretch and shake out my muscles. 

Michelle Biro, Pilates Barre Architect  @michelle.biro 

Michelle Biro, Pilates Barre Architect  @michelle.biro